Our Support Policy

These terms and conditions will serve as a basis of your relationship with us, Brynamics Network LTD. (“Onlinetrader” ). By choosing our product(s) or service(s), you agree to the terms and conditions contained herein.

Our free support include;

- Answering questions relating to our products and providing clarifications on areas that confuses users.

- Helps to debug and clarify problems associated with setting up our software (only if user have not modified downloaded script).

- Note that our free support ends at the expiration of your six months support period and this can be renewed.

- Also note that our free support will not cover customers that have issues after trying to modify our source codes.

Our free support does not include;

- Making modifications to the software code base to suit your needs (this is usually considered as customization service).

- Installation and general setup, however, we have choose to offer this service to our customers at no cost for now. Note that we only assist with a onetime free installation service as subsequent installation/setup request will attract extra cost.

- Changing colors, creating and setting up logo or favicon or editing your website content/information.